10 Things to Try (A Senior’s Last Cry)

Blog 7 Semester 2

My senior year of high school is coming to a close. Three days left! The majority of my classes have been filled with work days and free periods for the purpose of catching up on work that was assigned ages ago. Many students are slammed for time for completing all of those assignments. For those of use with the work already finished, the last two weeks of high school are dreadfully long.

The free time my classes have left me with has let me think about my life. What will I do this summer? Image result for summer breakWhat will I do throughout college? What will I do when school really ends? In a way, these thoughts are panic-ing. I just want summer break!

Amidst the free time and free thoughts that high school had deprived me of for so long, my Rhetoric teacher suggested we make one final blog post. This post will forever (so long as the internet is around) hold what was important to me in the last week of my senior year of high school.


My favorite things could become your favorite things too. So please,

Listen to This:

There are so many things I recommend listening to. There are so many reasons why! I’ll spare you of reasons so you have the time to listen to this list.

Read This: Pride and Prejudice

I know it’s a common book, but I really enjoyed it. It’s not for everyone of course (but enjoyable for many).

Watch this: August Rush

Image result for august rushA drama with fairy tale elements, where an orphaned musical prodigy uses his gift as a clue to finding his birth parents.

Binge Watch This: Stargate SG1

Maybe you won’t feel the need to binge watch this 10-season show in a week, but you will probably find yourself watching multiple episodes in a row (unless you don’t like awesome TV).

“A team of explorers made up of soldiers and scientists travels through a Stargate, an ancient portal to other planets. They use the Stargate to explore new worlds, forge ties with friendly civilizations and protect Earth from hostile forces.” (Just give it a try if you’re skeptical.)

Play This: Betrayal At House on the Hill

Board games are the only real way to play games. One of the good ones out there is Betrayal at House on the Hill. This game is not only fun every time, but it is different every time you play.

Image result for betrayal at house on the hill

“The creak of footsteps on the stairs, the smell of something foul and dead, the feel of something crawling down your back – this and more can be found in the exciting refresh of the Avalon Hill favorite Betrayal at House on the Hill. This fun and suspenseful game is a new experience almost every time you play – you and your friends explore “that creepy old place on the hill” until enough mystic misadventures happen that one of the players turns on all of the others.” -The Manufacturer via Amazon

Eat This: Chicken Paprikash

This is one of my family’s favorite foods. When my great grandparents came to America they brought with them some great food recipes. The link is not to the authentic Hungarian recipe my family has passed down for a few generations, but it is a recipe that others use. Make sure you prepare this dish with dumplings!

Do This: Learn to play an instrument

Image result for learn instrument

It doesn’t matter which one! Playing an instrument has huge benefits that everyone can take advantage of.

Click This and find your answers.

Go Here: Home Cut Donuts

The best donuts joint in my hometown. Donuts. Amazing. Enough said.

Travel to This Place: Italy

Image result for rome italy

I had a marketing project this year where I had to create an itinerary for a vacation. Italy had a lot to do and has a lot of history! Some of the most entertaining things I found include touring the Colosseum, learning to be a Roman Gladiator, and visiting Pompeii.

Always, and I mean always, remember this:

Stop trying to blame your mistakes on what other people have done. We have all been blessed with free will and can make our own decisions. Take responsibility for your actions!


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